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*Swaziland will not take part in Miss World 2010.

‘That will never happen’ - SNCAC CEO

MBABANE – The Swaziland National Council of Arts and Culture (SNCAC) has said the recruitment will not take place.

When contacted on the matter, SNCAC CEO Stanley Dlamini said: "No one will recruit girls for the Miss Swaziland contest as yet. It was stated during the framework presentation that there would be no recruitments until SNCAC gives someone the mandate to organise the beauty pageant and we are still to identify that person."

He said such a person or group will be identified after getting tenders for the job from various bidders and then issued a stern warning to the Miss Swaziland committee led by Vinah Mamba-Gray: "If they continue with such it might just jeopardise their chances of winning the rights to host the pageant."

Dlamini also warned members of the public not to entertain anybody who would conduct a recruitment exercise for any national pageant because such people were yet to sourced by SNCAC and receive the rights to do such.


Big Battle: Its SNCAC vs Miss SD Committee
MBABANE – The Miss Swazi-land committee has announced that registration for Miss Swaziland 2010 has resumed.

This will be done in preparation for the national contest which they plan to host sometime in October this year.

"We want to have the finals in October but the crowned queen will not be sent to represent the country in the Miss World contest 2010 because she will not have enough time to prepare. We want to send somebody who will be fully prepared so that she does well this time," Rheodora said.

After having said that they would go ahead with preparations for the 2010 pageant despite the ban of all national pageants imposed by the Swaziland National Council of Arts and Culture (SNCAC), Miss Swaziland Spokesperson Rheodora Isaacs has made a call to all aspiring contestants to start registering soon.


"After solving the few problems that forced us to stop the registration process early this year, we are calling for all the girls who took registration forms to fill them and then leave them at any Dunns store in Swaziland along with the necessary requirements stated in it," she said.

Isaacs said those without the forms would have to collect them at Dunns stores or call Miss Swaziland pageant Director Vinah Mamba-Gray at 7608 0130 for them.

She said the deadline for registration is August 31 and they were aiming to have the eliminations in September.

However, there it a change in the registration process as girls will not be required to pay the previously stated registration fee of E500 when making their entries as previously stated.

"The registration fee which will also be announced later will now be paid by the girls who will be among the top 12 finalists," added Isaacs.

The announcement comes in the wake of the Swaziland Beauty Pageants Framework draft which was presented by SNCAC on Wednesday last week to pageant directors and other stakeholders which is yet to be put in place but already provides that the next Miss Swaziland pageant finals be held in May next year not this year.

The reason stated is to allow the would-be Miss Swaziland queen enough time to prepare for the 2011 Miss World pageant.

However, pageant directors have been given time to go through it and come up with either their concerns or approvals of some of its contents which will be made in the form of written submissions to be presented to SNCAC next week.

Source: http://www.times.co.sz/index.php?news=19519

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AMBASSADORS represent their country.
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