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PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:39 pm
by admin

Everybody is excited already as the judgement day nears for the crowning of the new Miss Eco International. Last year, it became apparent what the eco organization is actually looking for in a winner. "A delegate may be beautiful but often times, beauty alone just doesn't do it." It is quite evident that a girl to be in the watch list of the org, need not only be beautiful, or drop dead gorgeous but should fit into their untold criteria as revealed by the recent years’ choices especially last year’s diverse group of semifinalists. Without further ado, here's Missosology's 3rd Hot Picks.

1. Poland - She has grown so much on pageant pundits. Chic, supermodel body structure with enigmatic appeal, class and regal bearing - her "commercial appeal" is her main edge against the other contestants.
2. Ecuador - She truly is one of the consistent delegates out there, placing high in both Resort Wear and Eco-Dress competitions. She’s full of confidence, sexy and spunky and above all, perfectly well-dressed all the time.
3. Portugal - Refined and classy, this pageant veteran is very helpful to her co-candidates. She has pretty much a perfect body and she exudes a positive aura that’s really appealing. She’ll score high here.
4. Serbia - A refreshingly vibrant and bubbly personality who knows how to talk, this aspiring doctor has phenomenal style and charisma. She knows how to perfectly turn the charm on.
5. Vietnam - She flew a tad under the radar at the time of pre-pageant activities but she’s definitely taken it up a notch and she’s competing to win – so props to her. You can’t just deny this radiant oriental seductress.

6. Peru - Probably the most complete girl of the bunch with towering height, gorgeous face, va-va-voom body and excellent communication skills. An aspiring businesswoman, she's very professional with the way she carries herself.
7. USA - This American beauty comes across as a seasoned speaker who manages to sound polished without being pageant-patty. Growing up a tomboy, this full-time model has a strong, classic rather than contemporary look, and we know the judges will find her appealing come final night.
8. Philippines - Obviously this girl has everything to be Miss Eco International! And you can see she has an intensive and powerful training, she is very competitive. Her face is really made for the camera.
9. France - Great personality - well balanced, between charmed, sensual, intellectual, naive and sexy!
10. Bulgaria - No one solders with sensuality the way she does in every photo. What you'll like about her is that she's not overly made up but still manages to look awesome.
11. Nigeria - She just exudes this winning aura and presentation is a knockout. This African goddess is a total stunner and could easily walk away with the title if she nails the interview portion.
12. Indonesia - Very well spoken and strong all around. We'll see if she can win the judges over.
13. South Sudan - There's something about her that's really sexy and eye-catching. Non-conventional delegate, her previous pageant experience could propel her to the top.
14. India - She's here to shake things up and make her country proud. This girl came out of nowhere, but she stood out as one of the most promising girls this year.
15. Slovenia - She interviews well enough to make it. Over the past days, she seems to have that spark and uniqueness that make her a cut above the rest.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:34 pm
by Rivermoss
parang sinasabotahe na ang resulta....