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Fan Favorite: Miss Earth 2019 Round 1 1st Vote Standings

PostPosted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 6:11 am
by ajsy0203
Voting Link:

Here is the first partial vote standings as of 2 PM Philippine Standard Time:
1st-5th Place 3.96% (3 from Europe, 1 from Asia-Oceania, 1 from North America)
6th-16th Place 2.97%
17th-27th Place 1.98%
28th-53rd Place 0.99%
54th-85th Place 0.00%

So far there is no clear favorites from the first vote standings. You can still vote for your favorite delegates and voting limit is 10 votes per IP address in the entire voting period.

You can still vote at:
while you watch this weekend's Pre-judging round on Figure & Form and Beauty of Face & Poise.

Voting will end on Tuesday October 15 at 10 PM Philippine Standard Time.